The Story Circle: Sharing Can Lighten the Load

Although we rarely think about it, the concept of sharing is basic to human nature. We share our time and talents whenever we are serving other people. Think about the barista who enjoys serving you the perfect cup of coffee. Or the snowplow driver who gets up at 2:00 in the morning (if he even gets a chance to go to bed), so that the roads are clear for the morning drive. I have a friend who is a mechanic that loves diving under the hood of any malfunctioning vehicle. I documented the success of my personal experience with sharing in Let My Legacy Be Love.

So, now I want to share with you a project I am building with my friend and collaborator, Jacky Vimislik. Once a month, we’re presenting what we’re calling a “Story Circle.” The circles are brought together around a specific topic, which generally comes organically. For instance, last month two people who attended our group shared that they were struggling with finding services and dealing with other issues of aging parents.  So, this month’s circle will deal with that topic.

The Circle starts at 6:00 pm and usually runs two hours. During that time, there is lots of sharing, refreshments, and the opportunity to release some of the stress with Stress Fracture, which is a mobile stress release experience. (Yup, you get suited up in safety gear, and then granted the opportunity to break stuff!)

How is this different from a support group? Well, we don’t bring in speakers—the members of the group talk and share their issues, and then cheer each other on as they release what arises for them during the circle.

The address for the event is 973 County Route 32, Malden Bridge, NY 12115. A free-will donation covers refreshments and breakables.

If dealing with an aging parent is not anything you’re challenged by right now, is there someone you know that could benefit?  If so, please share this email. Sharing is caring!

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