Personal Development

Our mission here is to provide you with tools and techniques that can help you transform your life from just “so-so” to the absolute best! 

To do this, we focus your attention on the principles of neurolinguistics programming (NLP).

The cool thing about NLP is that it is simply a body of ideas gathered by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s. At the time, it was a new concept to identify the thought and behavior patterns of successful individuals and teach them to others. Since then, the success of NLP has been proven as lifechanging.

We use these concepts extensively in our programs because they work.

You will find that our programs are serious business but the material is presented in a light-hearted manner intended to keep you laughing as you change your life for the best.

Are you ready to get started?

Start Here! A Pearl

Have you ever wondered about the process of transforming your life? 

This short course is step one on your path to transformation. It is intended for the curious mind that craves understanding the basic principles involved in achieving personal growth.

What you’ll receive:

  • Eight thought-provoking videos,
  • Worksheets intended to jumpstart your new habits,
  • Two introductory meditations,
  • A Community where you can come to ask questions and begin sharing your challenges and successes,
  • A 10% discount on all future courses.
  • A copy of Let My Legacy Be Love, A Shortcut to Self-Loving at a 20% discount plus shipping.

Do your need a Jumpstart?

Jumpstart to Happier:

Is there any better time than now to start getting happier? 

This fun and effective program will help you begin changing those negative thoughts positive in just twenty-one days. 

As you begin to apply the principles included in each of the videos, you will quickly notice that you are using the tools provided in this course!  

Jumpstart to Happier includes:

  • 21-Day Jumpstart guidebook filled with tips, tricks and spaces to journal,
  • meditations, 
  • daily affirmations and 
  • videos
  • A community where you can come to ask questions and begin sharing your challenges and successes.

Are you ready for a Breakthrough?

Breakthrough! The 3Rs Path for Manifesting Your Best Life.

Are you ready to begin creating your best life? 

This more comprehensive course is filled with an array of tools and techniques that when practiced daily will change your life for the best. 

Each of the five modules is loaded with thought-provoking videos and worksheets. Plus, you get tools that when applied will catapult you onto the path of manifesting your best life. 

What you’ll get:

  • Thirty-five (35) lessons
  • Eighteen (18) worksheets
  • Downloadable tools to use every day
  • Mind, Body, Spirit Journal
  • Copy of Let My Legacy Be Love
  • Certificate of Completion and Resources Page
  • Follow-up emails and videos to keep you on track
  • A community in which to share your challenges and successes

A Clearer Vison

Are you crystal clear on your best life to look like? 

Visioning is a foundational piece in manifesting and then building a life you love. 

This program is intended to help you get clear on what you really desire your life to be. Using our unique tools, you will get “a clearer vision” on how to get and then keep what you want. 

What you’ll receive:

  • Visioning Guidebook
  • Meditation
  • Group participation 

Step Into Fearless A Giant Leap Forward

There is no better time than the PRESENT to bring your special genius into reality. 

Are you someone who has done the work and are now ready to catapult yourself into your quantum reality right now?

This program only requires an open mind and lots of curiosity. 

Get ready! You are about to STEP INTO FEARLESS! 

The program includes:

  • Four one-hour individual coaching sessions,
  • 18 hour-a-day access to your coach,
  • Mind-opening meditations,
  • Thought-provoking and mind-expanding reading materials,
  • Tools to break through personal obstacles.

One-On-One Personal Coaching / Mentoring Sessions Include:

Are you ready for a big change, but you’re not sure where to start? 

Our one-on-one coaching/mentoring sessions may be the answer. Our coaches have been through it, so we have been there. 

What you’ll receive:

  • Hour-long coaching/mentoring sessions.
  • Tools and concepts to integrate into your daily routine 
  • Let My Legacy Be Love, A Shortcut to Self-Loving by founder, Christina Beauchemin,
  • Weekly follow-up email and videos will keep you on track.


Here at Manifesting Miracles Together, we are as much about energy as we are about NLP. 

As you are doing your work, sometimes things come up that you need some extra help with. We have tools for that as well.

Energy Work 

Our coaches are certified in several healing modalities including: 

  • Reiki 
  • Shamballah, 
  • Remote Advanced Healing Techniques (In other words, you can be anywhere in the world, and we will meet you there.

Intuitive Card Readings

Do you have specific questions that you need answered to help you work through a challenging issue? Our readings can assist you by helping you dig into where and how the energy may be stuck.

We use energy cards for these sessions.  Your reading will help you focus on your path, understand what is holding you back, and offer you  ways to release.

Better Together



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