The other day as I was reading through my newsfeed, I realized I was holding my breath. I honestly believe I held it for nearly a record-breaking amount of time because when I finally took a breath, I gasped it in, and my heart was pounding hard in my chest. That moment got me thinking. You see, the previous day, I received an email from a friend of mine who is a doctor of lymphology in Atlanta. He suggested we could lessen the power of the word “corona” by spelling and thinking of the virus as “Kor-own-a.” I began doing just that because I know from experience the power that words can carry. But as I began to think about the word “corona,” I had an aha moment that I want to share with you. I’ll synopsize it here, but the video I’m attaching explains it more in-depth.

What I realized was that the name “corona” is our clue to how we should react to what is going on around us. The word itself speaks to courage! Let me explain.

A Determined Heart

Cor” is the Latin root of the word courage, which means heart. The original meaning was to speak one’s mind by telling all of one’s heart. Currently, it is most often associated with heroic or brave deeds. Let’s face it, right now, we need to live from a heart space and dig into our courage as the world goes crazy all around us. That’s the first piece of the clue.

The second piece is in “own.” Own means to admit to acknowledging feeling a certain way, such as I own the fact that I feel a little nervous about what’s next, but I am going to step into my courage because that’s what my family, my friends, and my community need right now.

The last piece is “A.” All the years I have been in business, I have made a to-do list before starting my day. The most critical priority received an A1, and my secondary priority received an A. In the case of what’s going on right now, we all have an A1 priority to own our courage and step up for our families, healthcare workers, and anyone on the front lines.

The name of the virus instructs us to own our courage and make it our priority A, which in many cases, will be to share some of your supplies with someone less fortunate.

In light of what’s going on, I have decided to offer copies of my book, Let My Legacy Be Love, at my cost, which is six dollars each. I can only offer that price on my website for the books I have on hand. Unfortunately, I have no control over pricing on Amazon, as my publisher handles that. I also have limited copies of Ready, Set, Live available for six dollars as well. I will need to charge shipping to cover my cost of envelopes, labels, and postal service.

Please Share!

I would love to hear your stories of courage through this crisis. I ask that you email me at I will post the stories on Facebook and Instagram as well as on my website. We’re all in this together, so please share. Others need to hear what and how you’re doing, as it will give them courage and hope.

Thank you, and please—practice social distancing! It may save your neighbor, your parent, or someone you don’t even know. It takes courage to remain in quarantine, but I know that together we can do anything.

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